Best Way to Make Batteries Work Longer

Lithium-ion batteries are installed in any modern laptop, tablet or smartphone. However, there is a big concern about them – they don’t last that long. But this all might change very soon thanks to the invention by scientists from University of California.

For 40 years, there has been no advancements in this area but finally there is something. In fact, a material exists that can make lithium-ion batteries work three times longer than they do now. The scientists call this organic compound metylviologen. Once covered with it, the battery becomes more stable and it actually lasts three times longer, as mentioned before.

Batteries Work Longer. tech news

Although the technology sounds simple, it can be a revolution on the mobile device market. According to Chao Wang, a Chemistry professor at the university, the technology can be easily used in making lithium-ion batteries. Only 0.5% of viologen in the electrolyte can prolong the battery life. Besides, metylviologen is cheap and easy to use.

As a result, scientists all over the world can begin making new-generation powerful batteries including lithium metal and lithium air ones.