Review: Alfawise RTB200 Waterproof Smart Sonic Electric Bluetooth Toothbrush

Who doesn’t want their teeth look white and strong? But in order to get that perfect smile first you must take care of your dental and oral health. Oral care is one of the essential steps included in all daily self-care routines. It’s like the slogan of our dentists – “Don’t forget to clean your teeth every morning and every night”.  But the question comes up here: “With what brush it is the best to clean your teeth with?” which as much important as daily cleaning is. My answer would be – with electronic toothbrush, most clearly the Alfawise RTB200 LJ – ST206, it’s one of the best choices that you can make.

After the first use you notice the difference between Alfawise and traditional brushes, it has three cleaning modes including normal, whiten and sensitive cleaning which you can identify by the light turning on, on the top of their names while one is used. So, whether you have an extra sensitive teeth & gums or dental caries it’ll be suitable for you. If you are a coffee/tea lover as I am, you probably know that it costs you stains on teeth, but this electronic toothbrush helps you to remove them in a short period if it’s used daily. ST206 gently removes all the plaque with high-frequency vibration reaching 48000 times in a minute without causing any harm.

IPX7 waterproof technology and having no single gaps on the body allows you to clean the brush under the water without a worry. Alfawise ST206 has two brush heads included in package, one of them targeted to deep cleaning and the another one is for sensitive cleaning, I use the brush-head for sensitive cleaning as I have braces on. Yes, it’s not obstacle for Alfawise even if you use braces, you’ll see all the same effect.

I’ve been received my order of Alfawise RTB200 LJ – ST206a week ago and been using it since then. The brush came with full charge. You can see whether the charge is full or not by looking the green light on it. When charge goes down, you can recharge it in 3.5 hours fully and then use it for 1 month. When the brush is recharged, it shuts off automatically, which is the great feature that energy-saving and helps to extend the length of toothbrush’s battery life.

The toothbrush has an easiest use I’ve ever seen, you don’t need to force it and waste your energy, just enjoy your morning while it provides you with effective cleaning. It starts to work with one click to start button on the top and you can also change the modes in one click. When you finished the cleaning just press the on/off button for 2 seconds and it turns off. It comfortably fits in your hand and have light-weight even if it may not seem like that.

Alfawise RTB200 Sonic Electric Bluetooth Toothbrush open box 1

Pay attention to the gap between the brush head and body of the product while installing it as it won’t work well if you don’t accurately place it.   Looking through its superior features we can say that the price of the brush is suitable for everyone who wants to get better dental health and the perfect shining smile, so if you are looking for the electronic brush, wait no more!

Alfawise RTB200 LJ - ST206 Smart Sonic Electric Bluetooth Toothbrush IPX7 Waterproof 30 Day Battery Life
Alfawise RTB200 LJ – ST206 Sonic Electric Bluetooth