Report: Most Profitable Smartphone

On August 1, Apple published an official report about its revenues during Q2 2017. The most interesting thing was the comparison with Samsung. The Korean company reported its financial success earlier and everyone wanted to know if Apple could compete with the results. Here is Apple sales brief review.

Interestingly, it couldn’t. According to the Apple’s report, the company’s net profit from April to June reached $8.72B, a 12-percent increase compared to the same period last year. Despite the increase, Apple failed to surpass Samsung ($9.9B) for the first time.

Still, the third financial of second calendar quarter was successful for Apple with the total revenue of $44.95B ($54.5B for Samsung). According to available data, the company sold more than 41 million iPhones (2% more than a year earlier) which is still the most profitable smartphone on the market, 11.4 million iPads (15% more) and 4.3 million Macs (1% more).

A significant growth is observed in other areas as well, especially from various services (App Store, Apple Pay, iCloud and Apple Music). These revenues grew by 22% as well as the revenue from Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats, iPod and accessories (23% increase).