Password + Remote Control + Fingerprint Door Lock $150

Glass Door Fingerprint Smart Door Lock is a device that will ensure that your house or office is protected in an intelligent way. The lock can work with remote control, fingerprint sensor as well as password. Thus, you will be able to use any of these means. You will also be able to make sure that you tailor specific unlocking way based on the person who comes into the office or your house.

For instance, a password for temporary workers or a fingerprint for your family. The smart lock has a capacity of 300 pieces, so you can allow as many people as you want. The scan time is less than half of a second. The number of unlocks is 30 thousand, and that is also the service life of gadget. Finally, the lock looks very modern and sturdy.

Fingerprint Door Lock best price


  • Fingerprint, password unlock, IC card, remote control
  • Fingerprint storage capacity: 300 (pieces)
  • Number of unlocks>: 300000 (times)
  • Scan time <: 0.5(s)
  • Fake rate: 0.001 (%)
  • Rejection rate: 0.1 (%)
  • Operating temperature: -25-55 (°C)
  • Working humidity: ≥93 (%)
  • Service life: 30 (ten thousand times)
  • Power supply: 4 section 5 alkaline batteries

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