Regular Drones Might Be Used as Snipers

American company Duke Robotics uses modern technologies to make interesting devices. For example, the TIKAD system, recently introduced by the company, allows installing guns onto quadcopter and drones. In fact, it can be any kind of fire weapon (machine gun, sniper rifle, etc.) as long as the weight is appropriate.

The patented TIKAD system looks like a regular mount for cameras or other devices that are usually attached to an aircraft. However, due to the fact that weapons are much heavier, the system was strengthened. It’s constructed in a way that maintains the balance of the plane and ensures shooting accuracy.

Regular Drones as Snipers

In addition, weapons can be controlled remotely – a special hardware and software system has also been developed for this. The information about upcoming release and implementation of this technology isn’t available yet. Right now, TIKAD has more demonstrative purposes.

In the future, such technologies will help conduct military operations remotely without risking the lives of people. Still, we hope that it won’t result in more casualties among civilians.