Haier Reduce Odors HEPA Filter Smart Car Air Purifier

The most important thing when being behind the steering wheel of a car, is to feel good. Clean and fresh air contributes to your well-being and of course, the safety of the driver and passengers. If you inhale polluted air, then there is a high probability of getting some sort of disease, drowsiness or weakness. When driving a car, this may lead to an accident due to a slowed down reaction. In this review, we will observe the Haier Reduce Odors HEPA Filter Smart Car Air Purifier which helps clean air professionally eliminating all harmful particles.

The device has a high quality and very compact and ergonomic design, where dimensions are 6.55 x 6.55 x 18.00 cm with a weight of 320 grams. You can easily transport it and conveniently place it in any car. Silver color of this air purifier is shiny, trendy and bold in appearance.

Inside there is a high-quality and well known known HEPA filter. With it you can easily get rid of unpleasant odors, harmful gases, allergens, dandruff, pollen, dust and even pet hair. The PMR CAD technology gives a very high flow rate of purified air, about 12 cubic meters per hour. You can quickly become supplied with clean air.

Haier KJBC04-05 Car Air Purifier

Haier Car Air Purifier,
HEPA Filter + Carbon filter, Air Cleaner

3D design of the Haier KJBC04 Car Air Purifier case has a non-slip body and delicate surface, with an easy to open magnetic cover. Installation of the cleaner is easy and intuitive. The kit includes different mounting parts such as a fastening strap, two fixed plates, four screws and a 12V power cable.

If you care about your well-being and the health of your passengers, then, of course, such an air purifier is needed in the salon of your car. After all, clean and fresh air will uphold the proper functioning of your body and condition. All this affects the ability to correctly control the car, which means it minimizes different accidents.

Haier Haier Reduce Odors HEPA Filter Smart Car Air Purifier with Zeolite activated carbon adsorption technology and Anion sterilization function is in the medium price range. Quality is great, and the purifier is powerful, with quality filters. Bring your attention to this air purifier for your automobile and not only, especially if you are searching for a similar item.