Stylish Bluetooth Foldable Headphones Wireless Headset

In the package you also receive a case for the unit, a micro USB charging cable, a pothook, and an auxiliary cable (in case you want to save phone battery, if the headphones run down or the phone doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can just plug them in with it traditionally). Playing PlayStation, using the phone, the iPad, Skype calls and so on – in all these situations Syllable headphones performed well.
The sound is clear, there is no fuzziness or crackling. The sound cancellation is also very qualitative and it’s worth noticing that the soft leather pads on the ears don’t get too hot after hours of wearing – that is very comfy.

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Red Bluetooth Foldable Headphones

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FYI, there are many colors to choose from, starting with classic red to yellow and blue, and the top is covered in leather. In terms of usage, the foldability of the headphones is really space- and headachesaving. Now there is no need to try fitting the device into a backpack and not getting them split or damaged by other stuff. In addition, you can adjust them to the size of your head. The charge is really quick, so if you forget to leave the headphones charge overnight – 2 to 3 hours before heading out in the morning would be enough. In fact, the headphones have a removable battery, so if it ever starts to dye out, you don’t have to buy a whole set of new headphones.
Finally, with this set of headphones you get, first of all, the stroke of ingenious design, flawless style, and celebrity endorsement. Also they provide balanced sound quality, premium materials and very comfortable usage. If you are a real sound gourmet, definitely consider buying Syllable headphones.

Bluetooth Foldable Headphones
Wireless Headset

Bluetooth Foldable Headphones