Rechargeable Bike Light for Road Perfect View

We’ve all heard the expression “it’s like riding a bike”. It means something which is very simple and you can’t forget how to do it. That’s true, bicycles enter our lives at a very young age. All kids dream of having their own bike and learning how to ride it. But bicycles aren’t just for children – it’s a very healthy way of transportation for anybody. According to doctors, if you ride a bike every day, it benefits your cardiovascular system very much. That’s why people love biking so much.

Consequently, accessories for bikers are becoming more and more popular. If you decided to have a bike trip with your friends, you have to prepare well: pack everything in a backpack, choose appropriate clothes, buy a helmet and a couple of more useful accessories. One of them will extremely helpful if you plan to ride at night. This is ProLight LED Bike Light from TeamObsidian.

Rechargeable Bike Light for Perfect View

This company specializes in products for cyclists. Guys at TeamObsidian understand how passionate people are about cycling, so they try to provide them with the best equipment to get the most enjoyable biking experience. ProLight is no exception. When you ride any vehicle, you must have functioning headlights. Car drivers even to turn them on at daytime, let alone at night. But cyclists are much less visible, so they need something to be distinguished in darkness. Plus, it’s not safe at night on the road. Actually, it’s extremely dangerous whichever type of transportation you’re using. This is why ProLight LED Bike Light might be the best option for any cycling enthusiast.


With this light on your bicycle, even the darkest roads won’t frighten you. 400 lumens of power shine like a spotlight in front of you. That way, you’ll never get lost or end up in an accident. For eve more visibility, there are 5 different modes for it including strobe and SOS. The latter is quite vital if you’re on the road at night. Firstly, it warns other drivers of your presence and secondly, it can be used as a request for help if you had some kind of breakdown and you had to stop.

One more advantage of this bike light is its compatibility with any bicycle handlebars and easy installation. It doesn’t matter whether you have an old bike, a mountain bike or a pro-athlete one, you can mount the light on the bar without any efforts. Also, the light serves as your guide when you’re caught in the rain. We all know that rain or other kinds of precipitation make visibility much worse. That’s where this light comes in action. Not only is it bright, it’s also water-resistant, which means that it will withstand any weather even if it’s raining cats and dogs.
Lastly, there will be no problems with batteries with ProLight LED Bike Light, as it is rechargeable via USB. So, you can save money on some other cool cycling accessories.

As usual, with the main product buyers get some additional items included in the set. In this case, there are three of them: a rear red light, an aero accessory and 4 extra batteries just in case. The rear red light is obviously an essential element of any biking accessory kit. This one has the same characteristics as the main light: it’s very secure, water resistant, easily mounted on any bike frame and, most importantly, bright. There are actually a few modes for it, one of them is steady and the other two are flashing. Apart from that, the light boasts 40-hour battery time. And even if the battery is dead on the road, you’ll have some spare ones, as they come in the set for free.

To sum it up, ProLight LED Bike Light from TeamObsidian is a must-have item for any keen biker in the world. You should never forget that bikes aren’t the most reliable vehicles no matter how good you are at riding. Therefore, before any trip, you must take safety into account. And one of the ways to protect yourself is to have a powerful light that could help you ride calmly through the night.