Great Startup, Dreamlight – Really Smart Sleep Mask

Having problems falling asleep? Got caught in a jetlag while travelling? Or you just simply want to fall asleep more peacefully? Dreamlight Smart Sleeping Mask will solve all those problems. Dreamlight sleeping mask is the world’s smartest sleep mask whose features include sleep audio, waking up light, light therapy, combating jet lag, tracing of your sleeping cycle and find the best sleeping schedule for you through your DNA.

Dreamlight comes with an app that is available both on Apple and Android.The app has multiple functions, including a library of sleep sounds, tracking of your sleeping cycle and you can set a time to wake you up. What is special about the built in “alarm clock” is that it is not sound based instead its light based, meaning that it wakes you up by slowly by brightening lights in the mask. Aside from helping you fall asleep and waking you up, while you sleep it gives you a beauty treatment using infrared lights. This treatment improves your skin, its appearance and health, and according to US National Library of Medicine it can also heal skin damage.

Dreamlight Smart Sleep Mask

Who thought that a sleeping mask can have so many functions to assist you with sleep. Many of these functions seem unnecessary, however, once you have them you can’t live without it. It will greatly improve improve your life and help you understand yourself more than you ever thought you could. Visit Indiegogo (image source) to get more information about this amazing smart sleeping gadget.