Razer Kiyo – First Webcam With Professional Lighting

Razer is famous for its high-quality peripherals and gaming devices. Now, the company has a new device which would be helpful for streaming gamers. It’s called Razer Kiyo and it’s the first webcam with integrated lighting in the world.

Basically, it’s a normal web camera but it has a ring light around the lens. The light grade is almost professional, so gamers won’t need any additional accessories for streaming. Plus, the lighting is adjustable – it has 12 brightness levels with different intensity of illumination.

Razer Kiyo Webcam

As for other characteristics, the camera comes with great video specs – it delivers HD (720p) video at 60fps and FullHD (1080p) at 30fps. The quality is perfect for both streaming and publishing gaming videos on different services, like YouTube or Twitch. Razer Kiyo comes out later in October for $99.

Apart from that, Razer introduced the new professional microphone – Seiren X. The mic is a treasure for gamers – it’s fitted with a shock mount, it doesn’t react to any unnecessary sounds (vibrations, footsteps, taps, etc.) and it has a 25mm condenser capsules recording sound from one direction only. Razer Seiren X comes out at the same time with Razer Kiyo and it costs $99 as well.