Q2 for Apple MacBook and iPhone – Overall Results

Last night, Apple reported the financial results of the second quarter of 2017 which ended on April 1st. In general, the company was optimistic and happy about the final results but some analysts expected higher sales numbers and revenues. Here are a few facts from the Apple’s report:

•  7M sold iPhones (1% less than last year) brought Apple $33.2B which is a bit more than in 2016. As we can see, higher demand on high-end iPhones resulted in a bigger revenue despite quantity decrease;
•  92M sold iPads which is a 13-percent drop compared to 2016. Tablet market is still a problem for Apple. During last several months, the iPad hasn’t been updated that often. Perhaps, we’ll see more of them in the rest of 2017;

•  19M sold Mac – it’s less than in Q1 2017 but a bit more than in Q2 2016. Tim Cook also mentioned that MacBooks had a huge sales boost in China;

•  04B for online services which made this segment the most successful – 18% growth from the 2016 numbers. The number of subscribers of Apple online services increased by 15 million along with a raising popularity of Apple Pay.

Overall, the Apple’s total revenue for Q2 2017 was $52.89B (5% more). Net profit increased as well: from $10.5B last year to $12.5B this year. Therefore, Apple’s representatives were satisfied and happy.