Public Feedback About Smartphones with Two Displays

Smartphones with two displays aren’t a novelty on the market. Everybody heard about YotaPhone which has an additional E-Ink display on the back. Plus, the upcoming Meizu flagship smartphone will have two displays as well. But what do the customers think about this trend. The website GSMArena decided to survey its audience and find out their opinion. Here’s our review.

According to the public opinion, two-display smartphones have every reason to live. Customers believe that phones become more functional and more convenient to use if they have two displays. In fact, more than 40% of respondents expressed their positive opinion about equipping smartphones with two displays. About two-thirds of them believe that the second display should be located only on the rear side, while the rest one third thinks that the additional display would only be useful on the front.

A little less (39%) were more inclined to devices with one display. As it turned out, according to the survey, they don’t see any prospects for smartphones with an additional screen. All this, according to respondents, is by far not the smartest idea of ​​marketers.

The remaining voices went to smartphones with curved displays. This detail looks more attractive than the additional screen, and opens up more opportunities for more effective user interaction.