Ultimate Protection for Smartphone Screens

A German start-up launched a crowdfunding page for a new, innovative technology which can be called “liquid glass”. According to manufacturers, after this material gets hard, it will help protect smartphone screens from any damages.

The official name of this project is ProtectPax and it is a special solution for protecting any glass surfaces (smartphones, tablets, laptops, lenses, and so on) from mechanical damage. The contents of the solution are unknown but manufacturers say that the same technologies are used in aeronautics and aerospace.

The layer of ProtectPax is ultra-thin – only 0.0004mm. Regular protective glass is usually 0.3mm thick. After a while, the solution gets completely invisible. Despite being that thin, ProtectPax has hardness of 9H – the same as rubies or sapphire glass. The solution doesn’t only protect the screen from damage, it also reduces the radiation intensity and neutralizes 99% of bacteria. Besides, it has oil-repellent properties, prevents fingerprints and repels water. Apart from that, ProtectPax improves photo quality if it covers the camera.

Some experts doubt that this novelty will be helpful to smartphones. But if you liked this technology, you can support it on Indiegogo and pre-order it for only $15.