HD 1080P Smart Projector For 24 Hours Home Theater

The Alfawise brand provides with a large variety of diverse projectors for users to choose from. All of them vary in specifications and prices. In this review, we will observe all features of Alfawise A12 2000 Lumens Smart Projector.

First of all, this Alfawise A12 projector is rather compact and portable in size. Dimensions of this projector are just 21.00 x 16.50 x 8.40 cm, with 1kg 100g in weight. This surely makes it easy to install anywhere where it is convenient for you and a ton of space will not be taken up.

Projector For 24 Hours Home Theater

One of the greatest features of this Smart Projector is you can watch a movie even at daytime with a very clear images. For the best images, the projector needs to be installed anywhere from 1 to 4 meters. Images can then be adjusted to a size of 34 to 130 inches. The native resolution of this Alfawise A12 projector is 1280 X 720 pixels, but it has support for 1080 pixels as well. Images have a contrast ratio of 2000:1 with a 1.2:1 throw ratio and 16:9 image scale. With all that being said, all movies are beautiful being sharp, crisp and bright, almost lively. Manual key stone correction is built in, for you to adjust the projector. Shocking 3D effect allows you to enjoy your at home movie theater to the fullest.

HD 1080P Smart Projector

Alfawise A12 Smart Projector

Two receivers of this projector provide with a much faster signal, and you will receive all data much quicker. One can even connect their laptop, phone, PS4, TV box, SD card, USB memory stick and more to this projector. For loud and clear sound, without needing to connect additional speakers, the Alfawise A12 projector has HIFI speakers built into it, that provide with quality panorama sound. Lamp life is made to be 20000 hours, and a U45 lens protective circle is provided for the lens to last longer and be free of damage.

Best 24 Hours Home Theater

Alfawise A12 Projector will be enjoyed for home or office use. You can use it either for working purposes or as an at home movie theater for the entire family to love and enjoy. If you too are wanting to enjoy all media in the best quality, then bring your attention to this projector. The price is also the best yet!

Alfawise A12 2000 Lumens HD 1080P Smart Projector
For 24 Hours Home Theater

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