Print Photos From Your Smartphone

Photography has made a great leap in the last 20 years. Earlier, people used to develop photos in dark rooms with red filters. After that came films but printing was still time-consuming. Today, though, in the era of digital devices, we hardly ever print photos, everything is stored on computers. Plus, cameras aren’t so popular now, smartphones have basically substituted them. But we have to agree that a real photograph does have a very pleasant feel to it. Considering that, Canon have made a fantastic device for modern photography enthusiasts – SELPHY CP1200 printer.

SELPHY CP1200 is a real catch for everybody. This printer allows you to print the photos directly from your smartphone or tablet without wired connection to them. Basically, it’s a wireless printer that works via Wi-Fi. Besides, it’s a very small printer – it will fit perfectly in a backpack. Its stylish construction is also a great addition to your home décor. The device is fitted with a 6.8-inch turning LCD-display which you can use for operating the printer and changing its settings.

But what about photos? Don’t worry, SELPHY CP1200 has a lot to offer. First, you need to download certain apps: Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY for all mobile devices or a special Apple AirPrint for iPhones and iPads. After that, you can easily print any photos via Wi-Fi. By the way, insert the USB flash drive into the printer and you can print photos from there.

The photos have very high quality. The automatic image optimization feature detects and corrects any flaws on pictures and regulates brightness. Moreover, you can choose one of three gloss coatings for your photos. All coatings protect your pictures from fading and repel water. You may also use other modes, like ID Photo Print or Dual ID.

To sum it up, Canon SELPHY CP1200 is an excellent printer. With this device, photo printing becomes extremely simple. So, if you have some pictures that you would like to preserve forever in the photo-album or give someone as a gift, just connect the Canon SELPHY CP1200 to your smartphone or tablet and get the photo immediately.