Premium Design JmGO G1 DLP Portable Projector

Many of us dream of having an at home movie theater, that will allow us to enjoy watching movies and tv shows with our close ones. Having a large screen tv, is still not the same as movie projector that will allow one to view on the entire wall. We have reviewed a high quality and premium design JmGo G1 Portable DLP projector for home theatre, that we would love to share about.

To begin with, this projector has a very appealing design, and is offered in a silver color. The item itself is round, and is approximately 22.00 x 22.00 x 5.00 cm in size, with a weight of 1.5670 kg. The projector is powered by an Android 4.3 system, and offers not only movie entertainment, but a full access to many different apps including Facebook, Youtube, Picasa and more. Built in, it has a MStar 6A918 chip, with a quad core 1.5 GHz central processing unit. As well as that, the RAM is 2GB DDR3, and the ROM is 16GB eMMC. This projector also supports WIFI connection and Bluetooth 4.0 for quick and easy access to all entertainment.

Premium Design JmGO DLP Portable Projector

The distance of projection is from 1.2 meters up to 7.8 meters, and with that being said it supports image size of 15 inches to outstanding 300 inches. 1280 X 800 native resolution and 4K HD video playing, offers sharp, clear and bright images with 450 ANSI lumens. Another wonderful and fun feature, is that it supports 3D viewing, which is perfect for the entire family to enjoy. The back panel also includes several USB 3.0 ports, an AV port, HDMI port and RJ45 interface. This allows one to connect a keyboard, mouse and so on, which will be extra convenient for those who will use the projector for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on.

JmGO DLP Portable Projector for home theatre

The LED lamp life will last for up to 30,000 hours, up to 10 years or more! It also has a built in HiFi speaker, that can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. The sound system also provides with sharp and clear sound from four inner corners. In the package, a remote control is also included, that is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

Overall, this JmGo G1 DLP projector, is a wonderful item for usage in an office, school, or any home for access of any document, app, or an at home movie theater. It is made out of high quality, and will serve for a long time.

JmGO DLP Portable Projector