Pranayama – Helps to Breathe Right

Again, we’ll start this article by saying that most modern people spend a lot of time with their mobile devices. Sometimes, they are used for ridiculous reasons but smartphones can be much more helpful. For example, modern yoga apps is a great opportunity to use a smartphone or a tablet with benefit to your health.

So, if you start practising yoga, one of the first things you have to learn is how to breathe correctly. For that, there are numerous breathing exercises or pranayamas. There are many variations of them: breathing through the nose, through the mouth, through both nostrils or just one, holding your breath while doing an exercise, and so on. All these things might be quite confusing and many people just don’t see the point in them. After all, you just sit and breathe!

Yoga apps Pranayama Helps to Breathe Right

First of all, breathing means life. A person can survive several days without food, it will be harder without water but it’s absolutely impossible without air. However, experienced yogis, who live in Himalayas, can live while consuming very little oxygen.

Today, not many people actually know how to breathe right and that’s where funnel chests and round shoulders come from. Plus, there are much more respiratory diseases and people are getting more exhausted. But how could you learn to breathe correctly? Simple answer – you have to do yoga breathing techniques – pranayamas.

On one side, shallow breathing is associated with tension, fear and anxiety. What’s more, a person breaths in and out very little air and bacteria appear in the lower part of the lungs. On the other side, a person, who breathes slowly, takes deeper breathes and “ventilates” the lungs. When breathing is deep, diaphragm massages abdominal organs (stomach, liver) keeping them in working conditions, removing “old” blood and providing steady flow of fresh, oxygen-filled blood.
That’s why people need pranayamas. These exercises allow you to cleanse your energy channels and improve your breathing rhythm, so that you could learn to breathe correctly. And of course, pranayama is a great source of life energy. If you don’t practise yoga yet, it’s time to choose an yoga app and start by learning correct breathing techniques.