Mujjo Carry-On Folio Sleeve Practical and Stylish MacBook Bag

MacBooks have always been quite popular among users and demand for accessories for MacBooks was permanently high. Recently many accessory manufacturers have started making bags and sleeves for 12-inch MacBook – this laptop gained a lot of popularity for its compactness and perfect power-to-weight ratio. Mujjo was no exception – it presented a new and very interesting product – the Mujjo Carry-On Folio Sleeve for 12’ MacBook.

First, we’re gonna talk about design because it’s exceptional. The exterior is made of high-quality full-grain leather and the interior is covered with wool felt. As a result, the folio looks very stylish and it’s obvious that it was made to last. Zippers from YKK along with special metal hardware contribute to the look and durability of the folio.

Practical and Stylish MacBook Bag

One of the main characteristics of this folio is its portability. A nice-looking handle complements really well to the whole image of this accessory. Double storage compartments inside are quite spacious, so there is enough space not only for your laptop but for other things, like documents, or other mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, earphones, and so on). There’s also an extra feature – a card pocket for your credit or other cards. By the way, if you don’t need to carry your MacBook, you can use the folio for other things, due to its portability, it makes a fantastic travelling companion.

So, the Mujjo Carry-On Folio Sleeve for 12’’ MacBook will be a perfect protection and carrying accessory for your MacBook. Its fashionable look and multi-functionality guarantee that it will be very helpful both in your personal and professional life.