Waterproof Powerful 1800 Lm Long Beam Range Flashlight

NITECORE TM38 Powerful Flashlight
An accurate digital optics technology, integrated into the flashlight, provides maximum performance reflector. The handle of the flashlight has a thermal protection circuit which protects it from overheating as well as IPX-B moisture protection. It can go underwater up to 2 meters. For better performance, there is also an optimized heat sink. The rechargeable torch also has a toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating. The long shot flashlight is compatible with Li-ion / IMR 18650 batteries as well as the NBP68HD battery pack which have to be purchased as well.
The torch is compact, just 19.50 x 9.00 x 5.00 cm and weighs 800 grams. It comes with a Standard Charger Adapter, an O-ring, a Spare Rubber Cover of Charging Port, a Lanyard, and a Sling. Due to automatic voltage detection, it charges more safely and rapidly.
This compact and portable rechargeable flashlight is a must-have during any outdoor activities. A multifunctional OLED display will provide you with unique user experience while a bright LED with 5 different modes will make sure you see everything in total darkness.

Outdoor Waterproof Powerful Torch Light
1800 Lm Long Beam Range Flashlight

Powerful 1800 Lm Long Beam Range Flashlight