Portable Sequencer Made from Nokia Smartphone

Released in 2013, Nokia Lumia 1020 was quite a “noise maker”. It went down in history as the phone with a truly legendary camera: 41 MP Carl Zeiss sensor with optical stabilization and xenon flash. But now, it will be used for other, much more important things.

Scientists from the USA (University of California) and Sweden transformed Nokia Lumia 1020 into a portable digital microscope for DNA sequencing and molecular diagnostics. This method is essential for cancer research and diagnostics. However, not every city and not every hospital in the world has necessary medical equipment for that. For these places, the Lumia 1020 microscope can be a life saver – it will help a lot of people find cancer in time and begin required treatments. The scientists added in their report that the device can be extremely useful for bio-medical diagnostics in the field.

Nokia Smartphone

To create the microscope, scientists printed a special smartphone case on a 3D-printer. The case included two laser diodes (fluorescent light) for locating RCP-genes and a white LED for increasing image quality. Laser diodes work sequentially while the smartphone takes several DNG-pictures. After that, an algorithm analyses them and makes a conclusion. The device may be a revolution in cancer diagnostics – it will allow doctors to make it quicker, more affordable and effective.

Hopefully, the device will be used all around the world to save as many people as possible from this terrible disease.