M15 Smart Home Portable Professional 3D Projector

Projectors are becoming more and more popular every single day. More people want to invest in one and have an at home movie theater for full enjoyment and convenience. Projectors of all sizes, and in different price ranges with absolutely different features are offered on the market. In this review, we would like to share more about the Smart Home Professional 3D Projector M15 Portable Home Touch HD 4K 3D Projector and what it has to offer to users.

To begin with, this projector is quite compact and portable. Being about 21.00 x 15.50 x 5.80 cm in size and having a weight of 0.9500 kg. It is offered on the market in a neutral white color, that is sure to fit any interior design. This projector has an Android operating system, making it easy to download and install all of your favorite apps. Built in, it has a 2 GB RAM provides with a fast usage experience. To add to all that, this projector supports an image size of 40 to 300 inches, depending on your preference type. The image scale can be adjusted to 4:3, 16:9, or 16:10. Images come out to be up to 1920 x 1080 pixels with a brightness of 2000 lumens. This makes all movies, videos, and other images bright, sharp and clear. In other words, very appealing to the eye. The best projection distance is about 1.2 to 7.8 meters.

Home 3D Projector

To add to all that, this projector also supports 3D for full almost live experience. Bluetooth and WiFi features, make it easy to access just about anything. Built in speaker, provide with crisp sound, so additional speakers are not needed. One of the best features of this projector, is that the lens has an infrared transmitter that captures the light processing unit and transforms it all into a touch screen. With that being said, with the touch pen that is included in the package, one can easily use this projector for different projects, education and more. One can control this projector with the help of a remote control, touch pad, voice control, or a computer mouse. The lamp is made to last for more than 30000 hours. The touch panel makes it very easy to control it.
To say the least, this M15 Portable projector is very high quality, and will provide with the great entertainment for all.