Excelvan GT-S8 Portable Multimedia LCD Projector DLP Home Cinema

Projectors have gained popularity, as people have realized that they are affordable and convenient. There is a wide variety on the market, but in this review we have observed the Excelvan GT-S8 Portable Multimedia LCD Projector DLP Home Cinema.

This home theatre projector sure is affordable and decently priced, which is one of the first things that captures people’s attention when browsing the internet. Black color provides it with a trendy appearance, that looks great in all homes. Portable in size, is is 23 cm X 17 cm X 8.5 cm, with a weight of only 1 kilogram and 102 grams. With that being said, it can be easily transported from one place to another, for example for setting up an outdoor movie theater in the warm seasons.


With this home video projector, one can set up the screen size to be anywhere from 36 inches to 116 inches, whatever you prefer. This multimedia projector needs to be set up from 1.1 meters to 3.6 meters away for the greatest image. The native resolution of the Excelvan GT-S8 projector is 800 X 480 pixels, with 1000 to 1 contrast ratio and 1600 lumens brightness. All movies and tv shows are sure to be bright and colorful.

The LED lamp has a life of 20000 hours, for many years of usage. Two speakers are built into this home cinema projector, for loud and sharp sound without needing to connect any additional ones. When working, it is quiet with the sound level being only 25db and even less. Excelvan GT-S8 multimedia projector also supports the connection of different devices such as computer, tablet, smartphone, USB disk, TF card and more, for full convenience and comfort. It has a projection method of front, rear or ceiling, to watch just about anywhere. The package also provides with a remote control for easy adjustment of sound and other features.

Excelvan GT-S8 Home Entertainment projector is portable and compact, providing with great images and sound to the movies. The experience is sure to be one of a kind for the entire family. It is also great for business meetings in offices. If you are in search of a high quality, affordable projector, bring your attention to the Excelvan GT-S8.

Portable Multimedia LCD Projector Home Cinema