Most Functional All-In-One Portable Internet Gadget

Internet, something that we already cannot live without. We use it on the daily basis for just about everything. Often, we are not provided with WiFi, in a place where we need it. For that reason, Nommi- a 4G hotspot, wireless router has been introduced. In fact, it’s most functional all-in-one wireless charging + Power Bank portable Internet Gadget.

Using this worldwide wireless router is extremely easy. You just needs to download the App, select what kind of data plan they want, or insert their local sim card, click on the power button, and they are ready to go. Nommi even offers internet in over 100 countries, so everyone can have access, and this makes its especially great for travelers.

Built in VPN, is made to protect your network and your personal data, but it can all be controlled through the APP. For the best speed and network connection, Nommi router provides with Dual WiFi, a separate guest WiFi and even a range extender.

Two different models of this item are offered, Nommi Power and Nommi Slim. Power model has a 10,000mAh battery installed, as well as a USB and a micro USB port, that is made to last for up to 24 hours of 4G/WiFi sharing, as well as enough to charge your iPhone up to 2 times, for usage as a power bank. Slim version has a 3,500mAh battery, for 16 hours of just 4G/WiFi sharing. So, it also functions as Qi wireless charger.

This Nommi 4G portable router is a unique and convenient item. It has been proposed on the Indiegogo platform, for users to bring their attention to. Take a look at it, if you are in need of something similar, or want to be introduced to new gadgets on the market!