Portable Infrared Night Vision Telescope for Outdoor

Spending time outdoors in the nature, is a favorite hobby of many people, especially men. Fishing, hunting, bird watching, and spending plenty of time outdoors, usually required that one has a great pair of binoculars to enjoy it to the fullest. For all outdoor lovers, in this review we have taken a look at the BAK 4 Prism Outdoor Infrared Night Vision Telescope for Travel.

We would like to start off with, by bring your attention to the size of this telescope. This telescope is about 13.00 x 5.50 x 6.00 cm in size, and has a weight of only 0.260 kg. With that being said, it is quite mini and compact, making it very easy to carry in just the palm of your hand. The body is made out of metal, covered with a rubber surface to make it comfortable and durable. As well as that, it is water resistant and has an anti-slip design, to make it long lasting and great for any weather condition. This telescope has an optical lens of 30 mm that provides with less dispersion.

Infrared Night Vision Telescope for Outdoor

The multilayer coating, offers high definition and clear view of every object that you take a look at. The field angle of this telescope is 6.4 degrees, which allows to observe a large amount of space at one time. When viewing through this telescope, one can get a brighter observation of the item. Another great feature, is that it offers night vision. Therefore, it’s possible to watch different animals or other objects in the darker parts of the day up to 200 meters away.

This telescope also has adjustable zoom, you can easily control how close or far away you want to be. As well as that, it can easily be attached to a helmet. However, this telescope is powered by 2 AA batteries, that need to be purchased separately, and that is one of the negative parts about this telescope.

To say the least, this BAK 4 prism infrared night vision telescope is a great item, and gift for men and those who enjoy spending their time outdoors. It will allow to take a close look at different objects, and has a night view. We would recommend that you take a look at it, and give it a try!

Infrared Night Vision Telescope