Vufine Portable Image-Transmitting Smart Wearable Gadget

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Vufine Smart Wearable Gadget

Manufacturers claim that although in our modern times people operate so much technology, visual information is always necessary, especially when your hands are busy with something else. Vufine provides users with a closer look at any images or applications from any mobile devices. Manufacturers believe that the product will be especially useful for displaying maps or routes, watching videos or working with graphics. Unfortunately, the battery in the Vufine is quite small – it lasts one 1.5 hours.
To begin the mass production of the device, funds are being raised at Kickstarter. More than 240.000 dollars have already been raised, so Vufine is soon expected to be out for sale.

Vufine Portable Image-Transmitting
Smart Wearable Gadget

Vufine Portable Image-Transmitting