BlitzWolf Portable USB Adapter High Speed 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

Modern computers that people buy today include only one or two USB ports. With such a quantity of ports the usage of endless devices seems to be a real problem for a person. In our everyday life we use a mouse, a printer, a keyboard, a webcam and so on. Is ot possible to use all these devices only with 2 ports? Definitely no. So the logical question is how to use all these devices at the same time. The simple answer is to consider this Portable High Speed 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub – an affordable BlitzWolf BW-H1 desktop USB adapter. So study this review to know all the advantages of this USB hub.

The first thing that attracts you attention is its ultra-modern design. 15° slope makes the hub more convenient for fast plug and use and anti-skid pads on the bottom are for more stability on your desk. The silver color of the hub makes it look laconic on the table and suits every surrounding. The material of the BW-H1 hub is aluminum alloy shell. That’s why it is compact and light.

Portable High Speed 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

The BW-H1 hub includes the standard USB 3.0 port to ensure its compatibility. The data transmission rate is extremely high because this hub can reach up to 5Gbps on all of the 4 ports, so no need to waste your time on syncing, use it for working or playing. The amazing compatibility of the BW-H1 hub allows it to work with most of the systems like MacOS, Windows and Linux etc.

Portable High Speed USB 3.0 Hub
One more great advantage is that with a high performance control chip, the BW-H1 hub does not need any driver to use. You can start using this hub right after the unpacking. Feel free to use at home or at work because you just need to plug it in to your computer.

Moreover the cord and hub can be separated, this allows you to easily convert the hub from regular USB to Type C. Simply unplug the USB to USB cable and plug in a USB to Type C cable.

The package includes all the necessary things, no need to buy something extra. There is a hub, a cable, a manual and a warranty card. Buy this hub and enjoy using your PC to the maximum.

High Speed 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub