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Portable GPS Navigator for Car 7″ Touchscreen GPS Navigator

A lot of people enjoy travelling by car – it’s fast, comfortable and sometimes much more economical. However, it’s easy to get lost in cities if you’re not familiar with them. In older days, we used to ask for directions or use maps but we don’t live in that time anymore – we have GPS navigators now. In fact, there are so many of them on the store shelves that you get confused. That’s why for this review we picked a great device for a reasonable price – Portable GPS Navigator for Car 7-inch Touchscreen GPS Navigator.

7-inch Portable GPS Navigator Discount Code

This GPS navigator has everything to become your faithful companion in all road trips. All valuable information is shown on a big 7-inch touch-sensitive display with 800×480 resolution. At the same time, the device is quite portable, easy to install and convenient to use. The navigator already comes with all necessary items for installation, so you can it yourself. Keep in mind that this

On top of that, the GPS system here is very accurate. There are 66 satellite channels responsible for tracking your location. All maps are regularly updated, so you can stay always up to date if there are some emergencies on the road.

Another thing that this navigator is good at is providing you with some entertainment. The device supports many multimedia formats – it can display photos, play MP3 music or radio and play movies. The internal storage is only 4GB but it can be expanded to 32GB with a TF card. With all these files on board, you can spend some waiting time on a parking lot watching some movie or playing a game.

All in all, this is a perfect budget option for all drivers who need some guidance while travelling. The functionality is pretty standard but you hardly need anything else.

Portable GPS Navigator for Car 7-inch Touchscreen GPS Navigator