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Electricity is one of the significant source of power which is used regularly. When there is no electricity, the very first thing we opt is generator, type of device that can provide the timely help. When you choose a gasoline generator, you have to compare products and know what’s available to suit your requirements. The next observed in this review gasoline generator is created for home usage, while some are meant for industrial use. 2KW Portable Gasoline Generator would be able to save you during black outs and ensure that you always have electricity, no matter what. The generator features low fuel consumption but makes sure you always get a stable output.

Camping Portable Gasoline Generator

Furthermore, due to extremely quiet operation it will never disturb you. Additionally, the gasoline generator is very small and portable. Therefore, you can carry it anywhere. And do not worry about the overheating as the gadget provides great cooling due to dual air ducts and double sound enclosure technology. However, if it does overheat, it is made of heat-resistant material, therefore, nothing will happen to it. Thus, the device will provide you with stable and safe operation however, it will stay as portable as possible. It is great for temporary use during black outs, parking lots, and outdoor activities.


    • 2 KW
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Rated voltage: 230V
    • Rated power: 1800W
    • Maximum power: 2000W
    • Output voltage: 220V
    • DC output: 12V 5A
    • Number of output interfaces: 2
    • Fuel tank capacity: 3.2L
    • Full-load continuous operation: 4H
    • 1/2 load duration: 6H
    • Engine type: Single cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, overhead valve
    • Displacement: 105.6cc
    • Oil volume: 0.45L
    • Noise: 58dB

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