Portable Gadget Translator for Travelers

Language barrier is always the problem for many tourists around the world. Of course, there are numerous mobile apps that can help here but what about a gadget just for that? Actually, the Chinese Internet company Baidu is making a portable translating device for travelers, capable of instantly translating any phrase or conversation.

At the moment, it is reported that the device supports only 3 languages: Chinese, Japanese and English. Of course, that doesn’t cover the whole world but that’s a good start. Plus, according to Nikkei, the gadget, which has not yet received the name, will be always ready for work, receive support for mobile networks and will serve as a Wi-Fi access point.

At first, Baidu plans to release a new gadget in China where it can be bought or rented just for a trip. Next year, the company plans to bring the device to the Japanese market, and in the future it may appear in other countries.

As The Verge notes, Baidu gadget-translator has quite a few advantages compared to smartphone apps, like saving the phone battery or the fact that the device is always switched on ready for work.

Portable Translator for Travelers