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TOMTOP Portable 100m Digital Laser Distance Meter

Engineers and construction workers often have to deal with measurements. Obviously, pinpoint accuracy is extremely important here, so all measurements must be done with caution. Many people still use regular items to do that, like a ruler or a tape measure but there are more advanced ways. In this review, we’re gonna talk about a device which is perfect for any type of measurements – Portable Digital Laser Distance Meter.

This portable distance meter uses the most fitting technology for this job – lasers. The device looks like a remote control – it has an LCD display with backlight and a few buttons under it. The whole design is quite minimalistic, you can carry this gadget everywhere and it fits easily in your working bag.

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As for its main purpose, the meter does everything brilliantly. The device can be used for measuring distance, area and volume. Apart from that, it can do indirect measurements by Pythagorean Theorem. The laser beam goes from the top of the device and finishes the measurement in only 0.25s. Besides, it boasts high accuracy with a 2mm margin of error. The laser range reaches up to 100m covering big distances and spacious areas. That’s why this gadget has numerous applications in construction, especially if we’re talking about big rooms, apartments, factories, etc.

The device has a few helpful modes: you can do a single measurement, continuous measurement, maximum and minimum, measurement units (feet, inches or meters) are easily adjusted and all information can be stored in the memory of the device. There are 99 groups of data records and a recall function, so you don’t have to remember all the numbers.

Overall, this laser distance meter is a much more functional alternative to all rulers and tape measures. If you’re involved in construction or engineering, this gadget must be always in your tool box.

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