Best Selling Handheld Portable Coffee Espresso Maker

Coffee on the go? Of course, you will say yes! Especially those who are coffee enthusiasts. Most of us are used to brewing our desired beverage at home, or purchasing it in our loved coffee shop. Most likely you have never thought of an on-the-go handy espresso making machine. In this review, we will look at specs and features of best selling a handheld Portable Coffee Espresso Maker.

That is right, this Portable Espresso Maker is fully portable! Design of it is made in a way, where it is just 8.00 X 6.00 X 15.00 cm in size, with a small weight of only 400 grams. Finding space for standing it up on is not a problem at all, and it is even ideal for travelling with. Place it in your bag, and you’ll have hot coffee anywhere that you will want, no matter if it is an office or a forest. Using this Portable Coffee Maker is as simple as the design.

The coffee maker itself consists of several different parts. First of all, it has a water cup that has a 100-ml capacity, followed by the measuring spoon, press button, host, small filter cup, big filter cup and coffee cup. Your tasty coffee making process should first begin with the separation of the coffee maker. With the measuring spoon, one needs to add the amount of desired grounded coffee, place the strainer in the maker, and pour boiling hot water on top. Once that is done, the user installs the filter cup and the water cup and holds the button. In just under a minute, one will receive a hot, yummy espresso. As soon as that is done, it needs to be cleaned out for the next usage, and it is easy to do so, with the fully detachable parts.

Handheld Portable Coffee Espresso Maker

Made out of food grade plastic, this Handheld Portable Coffee Espresso Maker is also safe, without any harmful chemicals. Although, it is important to be careful with this coffee maker, to not overfill the hot water, and keep it away from small children. Other than that, it is ideal for traveling with, as it fits in the pocket and even provides with the drinking cup. With that being said, all that one needs to bring along is hot water and ground coffee.


  • 0.1L water tank capacity
  • Detachable easy-cleaning design
  • Six-step coffee preparation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Weight: 0.4kg
  • Weight: 8.00 x 6.00 x 15.00 cm / 3.15 x 2.36 x 5.91 inches

This handheld Coffee espresso maker is surely the item for lovers of this drink. Price of it is affordable and reasonable, while the quality is equivalent to that. Previous users are also leaving their positive reviews and are enjoying this item, and their coffee on the go. If you too, are wanting something similar, bring your attention to it. We think you will not be disappointed and will not regret such a unique and convenient purchase.

Handheld Portable Coffee Espresso Maker,
Detachable design, Lightweight and Handy

Handheld Portable Coffee Espresso Maker