Pooda K8 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Dust Cleaner

Pooda K8 Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Dust Catcher green

Pooda K8 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Dust Catcher

This vacuum cleaner is offered in bright neon green and white colors, which make it bold and cheerful. This vacuum cleaner can be used straight upright or handheld. In the straight up version, it is about 25 x 14.3 x 113 cm in size, and handheld it comes to be 11.6 x 2.5 x 44 cm. As well as that, it is extremely lightweight and easy to hold in just one hand.
Made out of ABS material, with a stainless steel rod, it is durable and reliable. One key operation, makes it easy to use for people of all ages. Especially since it is compatible with just about any floor type starting from wooden, carpet, marble and even tile. 60W motor, is high quality and powerful, that provides with long lasting suction of 13000pa.

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Pooda K8 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Dust Catcher green

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Another great feature, is the ability to rotate 270 degrees, which makes it easy to reach just about any corner or wall. The floor brush is made to pick up just about any piece of dirt or dust, with its thin wings and strong grip. Being quiet, with a noise level of less than 75dB, it will not be of any disturbance. The 5 meter cable, does not require you to plug it over and over again into an outlet and will reach any space.
Pooda K8 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner is convenient for the two versions, how lightweight, durable and powerful it is. It can be used in just about any home, office, or even for cleaning your car in the handheld version. The price of it is affordable, and we can highly recommend it for all of these reasons.