All-in-one MacBook Travel Adapter with USB Charger

PlugBug World is USB wall charger designed by Twelve South specifically for Apple products. By attaching a MacBook power adapter to the PlugBug World you get a dual charger because this little device has a 2.1A USB-port, in which you can plug your iPad or iPhone and charge it simultaneously with the MacBook.

The PlugBug World brings convenience to any Apple fan – as a set you also get 5 additional snap-on plugs. This is because, as we know, in the world there are different types of electrical plugs for different sockets. In this case the PlugBug World provides you with every possible option. The PlugBug World is not only compact and practical, but also very efficient. The charging is very fast, actually, it’s even faster compared to factory power packs.

Twelve South PlugBug World | All-in-one MacBook global travel adapter + iPhone/iPad/USB charger

Plug bug world is a 10W USB Wall charger and International power adapter that lets you charge your MacBook Pro iPhone or iPad/iPad mini simultaneously, from one outlet, ...

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