Functional Oprout Playbox Touch Wireless Speaker

The family of speakers is quite versatile and diverse. We have everything from woofers and subwoofers to mounted or in-wall devices. However, in modern days, especially among youngsters, we see another type gain more and more popularity – wireless speakers. It’s easy to understand why they are loved so much: there are no annoying cables, speakers can be carried or placed everywhere and they are equally impressive in terms of sound quality.
Wireless speakers also vary in shapes and sized. Some people prefer little, pocket-sized devices because of their portability. But in this review, we’re going to talk about a speaker which actually is a great decor element – Playbox Touch from the company Oprout.
Playbox Touch Wireless Speaker

We begin with design. This isn’t the smallest speaker on the market but it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Actually, it’s quite portable – it weighs only around 400g. Plus, it will fit in perfectly in any environment. Whether it’s a bookshelf, a bedside table or your work desk, the speaker adds some elegance to any place. On the top side of the speaker you’ll find three circles. The most important is the one in the middle – this is where all the controls are. In the centre there is an on/off button with side buttons for volume or skipping tracks. The upper button gives access to the menu and the lower button allows users to pause or take phone calls. Everything is very responsive – a slight finger touch does it all.
Wireless Speaker
Now, we are coming to what’s on the inside. More exactly, we’re interested in the most important quality of any speaker – sound performance. In this aspect, Playbox Touch is a thing of beauty. On the inside, there is “cooperation” between dual 5W speakers and the enhanced Bass resonator. Together, they bring us the most refined, well-detailed and powerful sound. This high-performance stereo fills the room instantly – that’s a perfect choice if you’re planning a party in your house. Music enthusiasts will appreciate the depth of the bass. Due to the mentioned enhanced resonator, you get a true understanding of what real bass should sound like. In short, this is a speaker worth listening to. Gather your friends and turn up this speaker – they will be impressed.
Portable Wireless Speaker
Of course, we’re always more focused on audio characteristics when it comes to speakers. But it doesn’t mean that we should just forget that speakers have other useful features. This is obviously the case with Playbox Touch. First off, it’s a wireless device – it connects with any Bluetooth integrated smartphone, tablet or music player and plays the music chosen by you. The connection is completely seamless. In fact, it works with all devices at 33 feet range. Playbox Touch is able to save all connected devices and recognize them when necessary. As mentioned before, the speaker can take phone calls, so you can talk to your friends without even lifting your smartphone to your head.
Also, if you want to take the speaker somewhere, you can easily spend almost the whole day listening to your favourite tunes because the battery in Playbox Touch lasts for as long as 8 hours.
Playbox Touch Portable Wireless Speaker
Bluetooth capability isn’t the only thing that we can mention about this speaker. If by some miracle, you don’t have a smartphone with you or maybe it’s broken, you can use your microSD card. Playbox Touch has a special port for this type of cards, so you can play music even in urgent situations. By the way, the microUSB port can also be used for plugging the speaker into your computer with a cable. That way, you can simultaneously charge the speaker and listen to some songs from the PC.
For people, who like to be informed about the latest news, there is always an FM-radio feature. Among all the stations, you can choose 10 and programme them, so that the speaker would save them. For standard communication, there is an AUX port.
Playbox Touch Wireless Portable Speaker
All in all, Playbox Touch is one of many devices in the sea of wireless speakers but it’s definitely worth checking out. The sleek, very stylish design, portability, excellent audio specs and a couple of more additional features – this is why you should give this speaker a try.