Piper Computer Kit Allows Your Child to Create a Computer

Piper Computer Kit allows you or your child to create a computer from scratch. Sounds challenging, right? It isn’t because you will get all the guidance and support that you can think of. The kit was specially designed for people who have no clue about technology and coding but are eager to learn. To build it, you will need to solve Minecraft puzzles. You will create a computer with 1GB RAM and 1.2GHz Quad core CPU. Does not sound too much, but it is hand-made, right?

Also, the device will be WiFi enabled, so in the future you have an opportunity to upgrade it, download new capabilities and apps. The kit also comes with an 8GBSD card that keeps your game progress saved. Additionally, you would get an LCD screen, a mouse, 8 sq Ft laminated blueprint for assembly, and cables to connect parts together. This gadget would suit children of all ages starting from 7 years old.