PINE – A New World of Motion and Images

Have you ever wanted to capture amazing shots, make 3D scans, and take beautiful videos, well then most likely you know how pricy and hard it is to own all of the different gadgets. We are lucky that there are many modern gadgets that are becoming introduced, that offer all of that in one machine. PINE motion controller, for example, is such an item.

PINE is a unique gadget, that makes it possible to capture different camera movements, panoramic giga pixels with 360 degree photos, time lapse, different 3D scans, take different videos including live, and much more. It can easily and quickly be connected to just about any slider or pan tilt. The controller has four motor outputs and two camera outputs.

World of Motion and Images

With the download of the APP onto your mobile device, you can access all of it right at your fingertips. PINE can also be connected with Bluetooth 4.1, to any of your devices. In size, this item is 3.9 inches by 3.0 inches, with the weight being only 150 grams. This makes it easy to fit in any bag to bring along with you.

This unique PINE motion controller for amazing and various different shots, was proposed on the Kickstarter platform (image source) for a reasonable price. It is one that you should definitely bring your attention to.