PIN Genie Smart Lock – Best Digital Door Lock 2018

How to secure our houses, offices, or properties? How to keep the keys safe? Should I leave the keys for my cleaning service or for my guests? These questions are in our minds when we go away from our homes for work or vacation or rent our properties. Is there a universal answer? We guess not. But what protects our homes in the first place? – Definitely locks. While searching on the Internet for smart solutions we came across PIN Genie Smart Lock, one of the best digital door locks 2018, which we think is worthy of a review.

It is a keyless and secure digital door lock with the invisible PIN through the world’s first peep proof and hidden camera proof PIN Genie PIN pad. The PIN pad is able randomly to distribute the 10 numbers (0-9) into four buttons and all numbers reshuffle after each time of use. Does it really matter? Yes, because this unique patented system makes it impossible for others to know your PIN no matter how many times they watch you enter.

Best Digital Door Lock 2018

PIN Genie Smart Lock – Best Digital Door Lock 2018

As the smart device, PIN Genie smart Lock is supported by an application for smart phones which enables a remote control over the lock activities. Do you have cleaning service, dog walkers, or any other regular visitors? But you are at work most of the day, or you are a busy mom or airbnb host. This feature will ease the worries in sharing the PIN code with your visitors, and there is no need to wait for them to come. Temporary passcodes can be created with expiration times on your smart phone.  You may ask if it safe to use the wireless connection to share codes or PIN numbers? Good question. It is well known that information shared through WiFi can easily be hacked. Well, the Smart Door Lock’s operation is protected by 256-bit Bluetooth encryption technology, which is one of the most secure encryption methods used in most modern encryption algorithms.

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Do you have a big family with children, or you live with your elderly parents? The kids go home on their own after school, or the parents need to leave the house and come back? How to make sure none of them will lose their key or forget them somewhere? How to stop thinking about where to put the keys and how to keep them safe? The PIN Genie Smart Lock provides great solution letting you create passcodes for each family member and keeping you posted who is in and who is out.

For big families that have seniors at home, replacing the traditional lock to a Digital Door Lock can be complicated to the seniors. The PIN Genie Smart Door Lock offers comprehensive instructions that easy to follow and the app is very user-friendly.  With the help of the other family members they can easily learn how to use the Smart Lock and enjoy the convenience of it.

Smart Lock - Best Digital Door Lock 2018

More than that the Do not disturb mode enables you to turn off the touchscreen when you are at home, so no one would be able to activate the touchscreen from outside and auto-triggered alarm with three alert sensitivity levels lets you know when someone is trying to break-in to your home.

Technologies definitely make our life more convenient and interesting. Security and safety are a big part of it. Digital deadbolts like PIN Genie Smart Lock not only protect our homes, but assures our peace of mind knowing that our family and home are safe and secure.