Phone 8 Details Became Available

After Samsung Galaxy S8 came out, iPhone 8 became probably the most anticipated smartphone. Every week, there are different rumours about this device. The most recent ones concern design and date of release.

First of all, according to the report from JPMorgan, iPhone 8 will have many notable design features. The report says that the display will be frameless from side to side but it will still keep top and bottom bezels. As a result, while having the same size, the phone will have a bigger display – 5.85 inches. Apart from that, iPhone 8 will feature a bigger, L-shaped battery, a dual camera, more advanced water protection and 3D face recognition.

Also, JPMorgan addressed the price growth. Due to a lot of new components, iPhone 8 will cost at least $75 more than iPhone 7 without including costs for R&D, marketing and transportation. Moreover, JPMorgan mentioned two other iPhones. iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will replace the current generation of Apple smartphones. The main improvement to them will be 2.5D glass on the back which enables wireless charging.

Second, Business Insider, referring to Deutsche Bank report, claims that Apple won’t be able to release iPhone 8 this year. This goes against many rumours, according to which iPhone 8 could already come out in June. Unfortunately, Apple seems to be having problems with shipments of key components. This, actually, isn’t the first news about the delay of iPhone 8. Earlier, Bloomberg reported about similar problems and KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that iPhone 8 wouldn’t come out until November.

Still, we still have hope that Apple manages to pull it off and release 3 new smartphones this year.