PHILIPS S5079 Triple Head Waterproof Electric Shaver

PHILIPS is a well know brand by most of us, with many of their gadgets and different appliances. One popular item of theirs is an electric shaver. In this review we are going to take a look at one, the PHILIPS S5079 Triple Head Waterproof Electric Shaver.

This electric shaver is offered in a sleek, neutral but stylish black color. It is one that automatically looks manly and sets a certain mood. Body of this electric shaver is made out of alloy, that is sure to be strong, durable, and long lasting. The size of this item is about 16.00 x 3.00 x 2.00 cm, where the weight is only 400 grams.
Such a compact size, brought together with the ergonomic design, makes it very easy and comfortable to hold in the hand, where you will not get tired. The front side of this shave has the logo towards the top, with a small power button as well. Towards the bottom, a charging indicator is located with a lock.

PHILIPS S5079 Triple Head Electric Shaver

PHILIPS S5079/ 04 electric shaver has a rotating three knife floating head for accurate and exact trimming and shaving. With anti-pinch technology, skin under the cut off hair will be smooth and painless. The three blades are made out of very high quality German stainless steel, where they will not be rusty and nondurable.

After the entire shaving process is finished, the user can just take the head and rinse it off under running water to remove all hair, since it is made to be water resistant. This shaver also vibrates very low, and works quietly, ideal for not causing any disturbance, unlike many other electric shavers. When placed on charge, it will fully power up in just 8 hours, or can be placed overnight. Once that is done, about 30 minutes of usage will be provided, enough for one time for sure.

PHILIPS S5079/04 electric shaver is a must have item for a household with men. It is convenient, durable and high quality. Best of all, the price of it is extremely reasonable for such an item. It sure can be recommended.