PHILIPS S330-02 Washable Double Heads Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are used by many men to trim their facial hair or completely shave it off. Regular razors are items of the past, and something that most men have turned away from already. In this review, we are going to take a look at the PHILIPS S330 Washable Ergonomic Shaver Double Heads Electric Shaver.

This electric shaver is of a stylish burgundy color. Burgundy is a color that has recently gained popularity, due to how deep it is and beautiful. This electric shaver is also made out of alloy material, that is known to be durable, strong and long lasting. Therefore, this electric shaver is not prone to damage. That is especially, since it is also water resistant. Not all electric shavers have such a feature but it sure is convenient. Once one is finished with their entire shaving process, they can easily and quickly rinse off all hair under water. Water will not bring any damage to the electric shaver, and it will still work perfectly.

PHILIPS Washable Electric Shaver

PHILIPS S330/02 electric shaver also has a floating cutter that provides with a precise trim, with smooth skin afterwards. Two blades are offered in the package of the shaver and can be switched out when needed to do so. The blades are made out of high quality German stainless steel for the greatest usage. Since it has low vibration, it is extremely quiet when being used. Therefore, it is ideal for usage at all times, at night or even in the early morning.

It has a great battery installed, that charges fully in about 8 hours, and then provides with about 30 minutes of shaving time. Dimensions of this electric shaver are 18.00 x 4.00 x 2.00 cm with the weight being 500 grams. Such a compact and ergonomic design, makes it comfortable to use. A soft travel bag makes it possible to store it.

PHILIPS S330/02 Electric shaver is high quality, as most PHILIPS gadgets are. It is made to provide with a great usage experience, for at home or professional use. It is a must have item for every man who want to take care of their appearance.

PHILIPS S330 Washable Electric Shaver