New Philips Phone – Very Handy Phone With Buttons Under $40

Meet the international version of Philips E186A Phone with the buttons which will make your life super easy and free of distracting factors. Indeed, it will, don’t look so disappointed – this phone may seem old-fashioned and out-of-season, yet it has all the needed functions for direct and formal communication. It has three card slots for usual sim card, nano sim card and TF card. The Philips E186A cell phone is a very simple mobile phone, and to be honest it’s not some type of super technology that you should decipher as a way to use it.

Philips Phone - Very Handy Phone With Buttons


    • 2.4 inch screen
    • 320 x 240 pixels display resolution
    • 32MB ROM storage capacity
    • Standard SIM card
    • Nano SIM card
    • TF card

The phone is equipped with 32GB ROM memory, which is definitely enough for keeping all the important information. It has 2.4 inch of 320 x 240 pixels resolution, and it may seem dull, but actually is more than enough to quickly perceive and analyze data. It also features 1450mAh battery, which makes the charge last for weeks. Finally, the device has a micro USB slot, so if you need to connect your phone to any other device, you’ll meet no trouble.

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