PHILIPS S510 Independent floating cutter Electric Shaver

What is the most used personal appliance by men? Most likely the first thing that has come to your mind, is an electric shaver. Such item is extremely popular among men of all ages, as they provide with comfort and convenience. In this review we are going to take a look at the PHILIPS S510 / 12 Waterproof Electric Shaver with Independent floating cutter.

This electric shaver has a rather portable size and ergonomic design. Dimensions of this PHILIPS electric shaver are approximately 17.00 x 12.00 x 1.50 cm, with the weight being 200 grams. Body of this electric shaver is made out of alloy material, that is tough and long lasting. Blue color of it, is trendy and one that most tend to like. The front side of this shaver, has the PHLIPS logo on the top, with a power button in the middle, that allows one to turn it on or off.

PHILIPS S510 Electric Shaver

An independent floating cutter is on this shaver, that makes the entire shaving and trimming experience one of a kind. Skin afterwards is sure to be smooth, without any pinches and pain. Facial hair, and not only, of all men will be precisely and carefully taken care of, just the way one wants to. After one is done with the entire shaving process, one can place the head under water to rinse off all hair, that is because it is water resistant. The blade itself is made out of quality stainless steel material.

PHILIPS S510/12 electric shaver is extremely quiet with low vibration, which makes it great for those who have small children, or just do not want to cause disturbance. This electric shaver can charge to the maximum in just about 8 hours, or overnight. After it is fully charged, it can be used for up to 30 minutes. 220V voltage is needed for this shaver to work properly.

PHILIPS S510/ 12 electric shaver is affordable on the market, offered for a decent price. Made with high quality, and guarantee of a great experience, it is a loved item by men. One can trim or shave their facial hair quickly and smoothly.

PHILIPS Electric Shaver