PHILIPS 3 Knife Heads Ergonomic Waterproof Electric Shaver

Philips 3 Heads Electric Shaver
Above is a floating independent head with a rotary mechanism, the working surface of the electric shaver itself. The head consists of three nets, under which are placed cutting knives mad from German stainless steel. The rotary mechanism works without faults and copes with its task to the fullest. Thanks to such technology, your skin will be protected from accidental cuts and scrapes. The floating head exactly repeats the anatomical features of your face, thereby shaving your hair even in hard-to-reach places is easy.
The shaver works on low vibrations, with low noise making it quiet. This makes it suitable for shaving in the early morning or late evening. The shaver PHILIPS S5077/03 can carry out both dry and wet shaving. It is possible to get water on the razor. Also, cleaning is done by flushing with water.
The weight of this shaver is only 350 grams. It also chargers fully in 8 hours, which allows you to work continuously for about 30 minutes. Also, due to the design from Philips, the razor is very convenient to take with you on the road or in travel, when it is necessary to tidy yourself up in a short time. The quality of the materials allows the razor to perform its functions for a long time without losing its strength and without wearing out.
PHILIPS S5077/03 is well suited for men with sensitive skin, who need thorough hygiene of their face every day. Ergonomic, comfortable and beautiful design, professional functionality, quality materials from Germany and much more make the PHILIPS S5077/03 the perfect device for taking care of your face.

PHILIPS S5077 Washable 3 Knife Heads
Ergonomic Waterproof Electric Shaver

PHILIPS 3 Knife Heads shaver