PHILIPS Double Head Automatic Smart Electric Shaver

If you are in search of а worthy electric shavers, then most likely you have taken a look at many with different features and in different price ranges. In this review, we are going to take a look at the PHILIPS HS199 Double Head Automatic Smart Electric Shaver.

This shaver is a device with an excellent rotary mechanism. The razor has an attractive and ergonomic design, with glossy black and golden inserts on the top and bottom. On the front side there is a button for opening the top part for quick and easy cleaning and the power indicator in located on the bottom of the case. On the side is the actual power button, which makes it easy to control.

Automatic Smart Electric Shaver

In the hand, the razor sits comfortably and does not slip out, of course if you do not have very wet hands. Thanks to the compact body and high-quality execution of the mechanism, the razor has low vibration and, as a result, low noise. This makes it suitable for shaving in the early morning or late evening.

PHILIPS HS199 16 Smart Electric Shaver

PHILIPS HS199 / 16 Double Head Automatic Smart Electric Shaver, Ergonomic Design

The shaving mechanism itself is a Veneer system, showing excellent results during the shaving process. The bristles are shaved under the root right from the first time and after, the skin is smooth and clean. One of the most important things to remember is that it is not recommended to press the razor strongly against the skin of the face.

The razor blades are made of stainless steel, which increases the service life. PHILIPS HS199/16 is not suitable for wet shaving and this shaver cannot be placed under water. While on the other hand, extremely dry cleaning of the shaver is allowed. The shaver is used wirelessly and is recharged via a USB cable when needed. The charging time is about 8 hours. Dimensions of the shaver are 19.00 x 13.00 x 1.50 cm and it has a weight of 250 grams. To avoid damage, do not charge the shaver at high or low temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.

The shaver PHILIPS HS199 with two heads and a rotary mechanism is suitable for men with sensitive skin. Compactness, ergonomic and slim design is pleasant to use, and the reliability of the materials used in the razor allows one to increase the performance.

PHILIPS Double Head Electric Shaver
Automatic Smart Electric Shaver

Smart Electric Shaver