Sprimo Personal Air Monitor for iPhone

It’s no secret that air quality is essential for everybody in the world. Poor air quality causes asthma attacks and serious heart issues. Statistics say that more than 2 million people die prematurely because of poor air quality. Therefore, digital gadgets, like air monitors, may be life savers. For example, two scientists from Silicon Valley came up with a pretty useful device called Sprimo.

This is a compact air monitor made specifically for iPhone. The gadget is very small, not bigger than a flash drive. All you need to do is plug it to your smartphone (it has a fitted Lightning connector) and turn on the accompanying app. After that, Sprimo begins its air “analysis”. The gadget is based on an efficient gas detecting technology and is able to find thousands of toxic and chemical substances in the air.

Personal Air Monitor for iPhone

Once Sprimo is plugged, it immediately reports the air quality. Apart from that, it provides information about temperature and humidity. Every parameter is displayed on the screen of your smartphone. The app uses numbers and colour indicators to signal if air is good or bad. If the numbers are low, the screen is green and there’s no need to worry. But if the screen turns yellow or red, the situation is getting worse.

In addition, the app allows you to share the information with your friends. For instance, if there’s a place in your town where air is much polluted, you can make a note on the map and your friends will see it. The gadget is important for indoors as well.

In fact, air quality indoors might sometimes be 8 times worse that outdoors. That’s why it’s necessary to maintain healthy atmosphere in any closed area. Of course, Sprimo won’t cleanse your air but it will at least warn you. Sprimo Air Monitor for iPhone is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The Android version will come out later this year.