Best Selling Perfect Protection Wallet Phone Cases

Screen Protector? Hm, that too is less thought about, since the film is almost always included in the kit or the sellers offer it for free, or the user can easily purchase it. Well, because the screen protector does not protect the phone all the way and if you drop it, the glass itself will still more likely shatter. Therefore, the film is usually bought automatically.
What else ? Chargers and cables? This too is already everywhere and is not being seriously thought of. So, the first and most important thing for every owner of a new phone, is how to protect the devices. Most of us not only want to protect it, but wants it to be beautiful and pleasant to the touch and something that is not too large and at the same time functional and durable.
We search for something that we can use for about a year without it losing its appearance. With all that, we want a great price. Price is what concerns just about everyone. Therefore, when buying a smartphone, we are looking for the best option. Yes, I almost forgot, some of us want it to be a well-known brand. However, we noticed that the brand or the logo on the case, in the final run does not really matter much to the buyer. If the accessory is high-quality and it’s worth it, then they turn to it and buy it. Another key point, is the universal or non universal types, which is also important but not so much to sacrifice the case, so we do not consider simple large purses where all smartphones fit. We look at dedicated Smartphone Wallet cases.
So when the buyer chooses a protective case, they look for:

    • Functionality
    • Quality of the materials (Leather, Fabric)
    • Features (such as wallet compartments)
    • Design
    • Color Choice
    • Service (fast worldwide delivery, return policy)
  • Price

On the market, we can see different items such as just back covers made out of TPU, Silicon, PC plastic and so on, a case with a Flap Cover, or flip cases in other words, or pouch and finally Wallet Cases. Wallet cases for smartphones is something that truly protects your phone. You can safely throw it into your bag and not worry that the keys will scratch your phone. It’s also convenient for usage in a café or public transportation. What is even more ideal, is if the Smartphone Wallet Case also has a stand function that will provide with full satisfaction to the user. We are sure that for full protection, convenience and functionality, you should choose a Wallet Case. Now let’s take a look at what is offered on the market today and observe 6 best selling Premium quality and design Smartphone Wallet Cases, that can buy with the best price.
One of the first best-selling cases that we want to look at is the Premium Vajacase Wallet Cases for iPhone Smartphones. It is offered for the iPhone 8 Plus and is made out of premium leather. Edge to edge protection is provided along with the wallet option of 3 card slots. Therefore, not only is it convenient to store your cards, but your device will always be secure from damage, which is what most of us want as well. In addition to that, it is Apple certified, and even compatible with the new Qi wireless charging. Color options of it are neutral and stylish, and one even has a “Build your own” option. All is great about this case, but one of the downsides, is its high price.
Vajacase Wallet Cases for iPhone Smartphones
Shieldon, another wonderfully made case for your device. Soft and pleasant to the touch, it is made out of premium 100 percent genuine leather. Your leather will be beautiful, as it is handcrafted in a way with special technology. Inside is a well-made durable TPU case for your smartphone, which will keep it in place and will help prevent it from falling out. Corners are even shockproof, so when it falls, it does not crash. All buttons have cutouts, so they can easily be used. Three different card slots are available, and one compartment for cash, although for some it might not be comfortable since access to them is only from the inside. Stand up your phone hands free, with the Shieldon Wallet Case and its kickstand feature.
Shieldon Wallet Case
The next case perfect case for all the ladies, is the Ideal of Sweden Mayfair Clutch Wallet Case. Made to be compatible for different smartphones, you can choose the one needed for your device. Inner lining is soft microfiber for protection of your phone from various scratches and cracks. Insert your phone, as well as three different cards into their separate slots for full convenience. You can even bring cash along, as a bigger slot is also provided. Hang it onto your wrist, with the strap included, so your hands can be basically free. Closing the wallet can be done with the magnetic buttons. Different color options from bolder to neutral are offered, for your preference and liking. Right now, it is offered for the best price as well, compared to the great quality. One downside, is the fact that it’s not offered for many Android devices.
Ideal of Sweden Mayfair Clutch
We want to introduce another wonderful case for your phone, from Spigen. Price of it is one of the best on the market, not too expensive and not the cheap. Material is premium but synthetic leather, with a hard-inner case that keeps your device safe. Built in, it has three different slots for your various cards, and even one for storing cash. Magnetic closure, is a great feature, so the cover does not fly open. Want to watch movies or surf the internet without holding it in your hand, turn the Spigen Wallet Case into a kickstand. You can even take calls with the cover closed, as there is an opening for the receiver. Although, something that can be a downside for many, is the fact that its offered in just two neutral colors, brown and black, without any bold options.
Spigen iPhone 7 Wallet Case
One more case that we would like you to take a look at is the Custype Crossbody Purse Wallet Handbag with Detachable iPhone 7 Plus case. It has a unique design, where it can be worn as a trendy bag across your chest.  The phone fits perfectly into the durable shell that provides protection with the raised lip edges. Even if the phone falls, it will not scratch as the bumpers will prevent it from touching the ground. Into the wallet section, more than six cards can fit, as well as cash and a couple of smaller items. The wallet section is also detachable, if you do not want to use it.  Let’s say, for example, that you want to watch a couple of movies and enjoy apps without holding your phone, for that there is a kickstand. With this case, you will have full security of your cash and cards, as well as full convenience and comfort!
iPhone 7 Plus Purse Wallet Handbag with Detachable case
This next Lameeku Wallet Case has all of the needed features. It has a modern look, with beautiful colors options, and is made out of quality soft leather material. As well as that, it is made to be extremely functional with a kickstand function for many different viewing angles. Most importantly, it is convenient and one has quick access to the device and all of their bank cards, business cards, cash and so on. It has enough space for up to 10 different cards and bills, more than most other cases. The price of the case, is the best on the market, being extremely affordable for all. It is available for just most of the popular smartphones such as Samsung, the entire line of Apple Smartphones such iPhone X, phone 8 Plus / 7 Plus, iPhone 8/7 , phone, 6S Plus / 6 Plus, and so on. Surely, there is a variety of cases on the market that might be similar, but we looked at the majority and chose this one for recommendation. Lameeku Smartphone Wallet Case will not disappoint you and you will stay completely satisfied.
Fashionable iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

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This is just the top 6 best selling Wallet Cases on the market from our research. They are all similar in terms of general design and outlook, but at the same time different. It is important to find one that fits your preferences the most and will keep your device truly protected, with convenience in bringing along your source of payment. If you are an owner of a new phone, or just want to spice up the one you already own, then bring your attention to these 5 Wallet Phone Cases. No matter which one you choose, they will make your smartphone stylish, secure and will combine it with a wallet.