Incase Sleeve – Perfect Protection for MacBook

When you buy any device, especially an expensive one, you treat it like your baby: you always take care of it and want it to be protected in the best way. Obviously, the favourite child in this family of brands is Apple. All its products are known for their quality, so they have to be protected properly. In this brief review, we’d like to draw your attention to MacBook case, specifically, the Incase TENSAERLITE ICON sleeve.

Incase is a well-known brand on the mobile device accessories market and this product only raises the profile of the company. The sleeve has a simple but reliable structure: the exterior panels are made of neoprene and the interior is covered with artificial fur for better support. A light EVA bumper frame and a shock-absorbing Incase Tensaerlite guarantee maximum protection from any hits or drops.

A magnetic zipper also protects your MacBook and provides easy access to the device. Incase offers its customers a whole collection of different ICON sleeves. They come in black, grey and black-grey and compatible with 11-, 12- and 13-inch MacBooks. So, the Incase Icon Sleeve is a great choice for people who need good protection for their MacBooks. The price may seem a little high for someone but to protect a high-quality device you must have a high-quality case.