PC Market Growth, 2017 Report

Recently, a former Xbox engineer said the PC platform is already forgotten. Nevertheless, according to IDC, this market continues to grow. After some calculations of PC and laptop sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa during Q2 2017, IDC stated 15.9 million computers were sold in this period of time. The list of leaders on the PC market was led by HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus and Acer, leaving Apple behind.

The increase in the share of notebooks was 3.1% for all regions: 5.2% in Central and Eastern Europe, 11.1% in the Middle East and 0.4% in Western Europe. HP is the leader on the market with a share of 26.5%, showing an annual growth of 3.2%. The company strengthened its positions in the user and commercial segments due to increased productivity.

The second spot went to Lenovo with a 20.6% share and an increase of 4.8%. Lenovo’s position on the list increased due to laptop sales for the corporate sector. The situation is similar for Dell with its 3.9% growth and the same target audience.

Interestingly, Apple didn’t even make top 5 – ASUS and Acer took the fourth and fifth spot respectively.