What should you pay attention to when writing a CV?

In today’s world, candidates are sending more and more applications electronically in response to job advertisements. According to data, 96 per cent of the documents sent go unanswered. Why does this happen? What is the reason for this?

At a time when most applications are received via email and recruiters are increasingly scrutinising documents in search of suitable candidates, common CV errors often destroy the chances of finding a dream job.

The most common mistakes on resumes include:

  • Syntax, spelling and stylistic errors,
  • Incorrect chronology,
  • Lack of legibility, no logical ordering of information,
  • inconsistency between resume and job title.

What should you pay attention to when writing a CV?

You should avoid being sketchy and duplicating templates. It is important to emphasize important information and omit irrelevant information in terms of suitability for the position we are applying for. The resume should be in line with the offer placed by the employer.

Important facts about education, previous experience, training and courses taken should be mentioned as well as knowledge of foreign languages and skills.

It is also worth taking care of the professional and attractive appearance of the application documents. This will make the recruiter pay attention to our CV and remember it faster.

Tips for writing a good resume

  • Use simple but professional language, make sure it is legible.
  • Mention skills that can help you in your job.
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Avoid unnecessary information and details unrelated to the job posting.
  • Include numbers wherever possible.
  • Mention your achievements.
  • Explain why you’re the ideal candidate for the position.
  • Use active language, professional font, appropriate fields.

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Professional help with writing a CV

If we do not know what information to emphasize in the resume and what information to omit, it is worth using the help of professionals. Resume fixer, after getting to know our experience, education and expectations, will write a professional resume.

They are well versed in hiring procedures and have up-to-date information about the job market. This knowledge enables them to prepare attractive application documents for employers. A well-composed CV is the first step to a career!

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