Patented Built-In Breathalyzer Samsung Smartphone

Now, smartphones are already equipped with all kinds of sensors for making life simpler. Sometimes, engineers come up with truly interesting ideas. For instance, Samsung recently patented a useful technology – future Galaxy Note smartphones will be able to measure the user’s blood alcohol content.

The corresponding patent has been issued to Samsung engineers from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Basically, a smartphone becomes a portable breathalyzer. Interestingly, the tiny sensor won’t be in the smartphone – it will be fitted into the S Pen stylus that comes in the set with every Galaxy Note device. This will also allow using the breathalyzer while talk ing on the phone.

Patented Built-In Breathalyzer Smartphone

The built-in breathalyzer is an especially important feature for drivers. Before getting behind the wheel, they will be able to check the blood alcohol level to find out if they can legally drive. Theoretically, this technology will lower the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers.

In fact, the patent doesn’t really specify the functionality of the built-in detector which is described as a gas sensor. Therefore, its applications could be more advanced including detecting respiratory or other diseases.

Breathalyzer Samsung Smartphone

via: Patentlyapple